The Maine Photographic Workshops

I learned a lot during two summer workshops and a subsequent summer job as a Teaching Assistant, one of the best jobs I have ever paid $50.00 per week. I was fortunate to be able to work closely with photographers such as Ernst Haas, John Sexton and Ted Orland.

John Sexton

I have taken workshops from John and he readily shares his knowledge and techniques. I've watched him print in the darkroom and I could have all his knowledge in my head and wouldn't be able to duplicate the magic he creates from a black and white negative. 

 The Digital Journalist

A website edited by Dirck Halstead. The site covers news and top stories from the point of view of those that cover the top stories and breaking news.


 Home to a great collection of wonderful photographers. Some of my favorites are Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alex Majoli, Elliott Erwitt and Josef Koudelka.

Camera Arts

 A very nice photo magazine. I even like the small format.

Ubuntu Linux

Linux is an open source operating system; Ubuntu is a user-friendly interface that makes Linux easy for everyone to use. Ubuntu Linux is free and will work on any computer. I use it as an alternative to Windows and Mac. It also has a free, powerful image editing program called The Gimp.

William Albert Allard

 One of my favorite photographers. He captures people effortlessly and has a great eye for color and light.

Davis Black and White

Iris Davis prints my gelatin silver images. Iris is a wonderful printer and lives in Austin and Oakland, California.